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AC Variable Frequency Drives, kW Rated - AC10 Series

The AC10 compact drive is one of the smallest variable speed drives available and offers a low cost, compact solution for simple AC induction motor control in applications up to 180kW.

AC Variable Frequency Drives, kW Rated - AC30 Series

The AC30V variable speed drives provide users with exceptional levels of motor control for general purpose open-loop industrial applications up to 250kW. A range of communications and I/O options are available separately.

AC Variable Frequency Drives, kW Rated - AC690+ Series

The AC690+ is designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed drive applications up to 1000kW, from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems.

AC Variable Frequency Drives, kW Rated - AC890 Series

The AC890 are a compact, modular system variable speed AC drive engineered to control speed and position of open-loop and closed-loop, single- or multi-motor AC induction or servo motor applications, up to 1200kW.

DC Motor Speed Controller - DC590+ Series

The advanced DC590+ series 4-quadrant variable speed DC drives offer current ratings of up to 2700A, function block programming, configurable I/O and extensive application software, meeting the demands of the most complex DC motor control applications.

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